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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

What grass is best for SC weather?

Grasses used in South Carolina generally consists of warm season grasses such as: bermuda, zoysia, centipede, and carpet grass is even used in shady, wet areas of the state. Cool season grasses such as turf type tall fescue can also be used in areas where year round green turf is desired.

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What does the average lawn service cost?

On average lawn services in the upstate of SC can cost anywhere from $50 and up depending on the services needed.

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When is a good time to start planting?

It depends! You can plant trees, shrubs, perennials, and cool-season annuals, vegetables, and herbs now, as long as the ground is not too wet. But you should typically wait to plant warm-season flowers and vegetable plants until May 1st or Mother's day.

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What kind of mulch should I use in SC?

The best option for mulching your landscape will depend on your preferences, budget, availability, plants, and more. But, generally, using organic mulch made from wood chips or bark will be the best choice. Very popular here in the south, pine needles or pine “straw”is lightweight and natural looking. Pine needles are naturally acidic as they break down, making them excellent for mulching around plants that prefer acidic soils.

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How often should I have my grass cut in SC?

With warm season grasses like St. Augustine and Bermuda commonly found among SC turfs, mowing in weekly intervals should be the way to go. Going bi-weekly with such grass types might make you end up with a brown and uneven growth taking away from the curb appeal.

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Would river rock do better than mulch?

Most mulches will eventually break down & add nutrients to your soil. These are ideal for most places around a house, especially where you plan to dig, transplant or divide plants. Pebbles, stone & rock are great for drainage & dry creek beds. Consider rock where your downspouts end or in low-lying areas.

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